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Created with the same high quality, innovative, precision engineering that customers have come to expect from the Tentsile line, we have used only the most robust and enduring materials to produce this high-end hammock.

The Duo is the largest and most durable double hammock on the market, and comfortably fits 2 adults with room to stretch out, kick back, and relax. Ideal for the campsite, the backcountry or the backyard, the Duo features underfloor storage nets to keep your gear clean and dry, and is reinforced with seatbelt webbing and heavy-duty ratchets, with a built-in anti-roll strap system to create two separate sleeping bays so occupants can lay back in comfort without rolling into the middle. 

The Duo is a simple to pitch and incredibly comfy hammock, which makes it perfect for couples who may want more space, or young families. 

Set up it can be used alone or as part of a Tentsile Stack – fitting perfectly underneath a Connect 2-person Tree Tent with the Double Bubble insect mesh, allowing campers to create 2 fully enclosed spaces on multiple levels.

This double-hammock was designed to fit 2 adults in complete comfort and is reinforced with seatbelt webbing to create 2 separate sleeping spaces,  while our anti-roll system uses a central underfloor strap to prevent occupants from rolling into the middle of the hammock or each other. Unlike other hammocks, the Duo has very little sag and remains taut.

The compact nature of this double hammock makes this model the ideal solution for cyclists, backpackers, or anyone seeking a complete kit that packs into one small bag.

If you don’t have an adventure planned just yet, it’s perfect for lounging in the local forest, the garden or the park on a sunny day. The Duo makes a great hangout spot for passing the time, great for entertaining the kids or heading for a night of star gazing.

The Duo 2-Person Double Hammock can be set up underneath a Connect 2-Person Tree Tent to create a Tentsile Stack (a multi-story basecamp which increases sleeping capacity and gear storage space).

    • Key Features of the Duo 2-Person Double Hammock

    • The Duo’s unique tensioned anti-roll strap system not only reinforces the base but also creates 2 separate sleeping bays. The central under floor strap, balances any weight differences and prevents both occupants from rolling towards the heaviest person.
    • The hammock is suspended between 3 anchor points which when tensioned, creates a taut surface to lay on. The hammock has enough give to cushion your body without sagging. This means that unlike a traditional hammock, you can sleep however you like; on your front, back or side. 
    • The Duo was designed to hold 2 adults in complete comfort. It has a 880lbs/400kg weight capacity and comes in black mesh or solid green fabric. This makes the Duo perfect for family fun. 
    • The Green Fabric model has 1,500hrs of UV protection and the black mesh resists up to 1,500hrs of UV exposure.
    • The double hammock is straightforward to set up and easily achieved by a single person.
    • The Duo comes with 2 underfloor storage nets, giving you plenty of space to store your belongings.
    • Only use the product after reading and in accordance with the Duo Product Manual.
    • Recommended setup height is 1.2m / 4ft.
    • Not suitable for longer than 3 months continual use at a time.
    • Due to continuous design improvements, details may vary slightly from those pictured above.
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